JANUARY can bring snow, all the cattle are inside and if the weather is really awful the sheep can be housed inside as well.

FEBRUARY snow drops in the orchard, long dark nights and lots of indoor work to complete.

Northumberlandfarmhouse snow in January

MARCH the suffolk and Texels have their lambs. They are lambed in the sheep shed and watched on a camera over night. The shrubbery is alive with daffodils.

Northumberlandfarmhouse daffodils

APRIL the main sheep flock is lambed, we work 24 hours a day looking after the lambing ewes. This is a very busy time of year, all the fertilizer is applied to the fields.

Northumberlandfarmhouse lambing

MAY the cows are turned out into the fields and the spring calves are born.

Northumberlandfarmhouse new born calf

JUNE the sheep are sheared and the silage is made. The roses on the front of the house start flowering and the mock orange in the shubbery gives a wonderful perfume.

Northumberlandfarmhouse silage makingNorthumberlandfarmhouse silage picked up in the fields
Northumberlandfarmhouse SHEARINGNorthumberlandfarmhouse mock orange

JULY the hay is made and the first lambs are sold.

Northumberlandfarmhouse hak making

AUGUST the straw is brought home from near by arable farms. In August 2003 some of the Morgan car convention stayed.

Northumberlandfarmhouse straw coming home

Northumberlandfarmhouse Morgan cars 2003

SEPTEMBER the autumn calving begins and we sell our Suffolk tups off the farm, the Texel tups are sold through Hexham mart.

Northumberlandfarmhouse Suffolk tup

OCTOBER the autumn born calves are tagged(yellow tags are put into the calves ears.) Replacement cows are bought.

Northumberlandfarmhouse calves with ear tags

NOVEMBER the cows and calves come back in for the winter.

DECEMBER the weather is much colder, the animals are all inside. We are getting ready for Christmas.

Northumberlandfarmhouse a winter sky

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